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Since early 2013, United Receivables Group has aided creditors in collecting delinquent accounts receivables. Based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, we handle a variety of account types as a 3rd party collection agency. We recover delinquencies on credit cards, retail defaults, installment loans, title loans, payday loans, and more. In all our collection efforts, we at United Receivables Group abide by the FDCPA as well as all collection laws at federal and state levels. United Receivables Group strives to be known for professionalism and delivering mutually beneficial solutions for our customers. We understand the value of trust and respect in developing long-term business relationships and therefore place a stronger emphasis on compliance and customer service.

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United Receivables Group is a proud member of ACA International, an organization dedicated to advancing professionalism and ethical standards in our industry. All collections employees are required to pass FDCPA testing semi-annually and we continually monitor our calls to ensure the highest standards of customer service and client satisfaction. We subscribe to the view that everyone must be treated with common human decency, respect, and courtesy.

Debt troubles can befall anyone, so we aspire to treat our customers as we’d hope to be treated in their shoes. We find again and again that most individuals fully intended to repay their obligations but fell on hard times. So we are happy to offer solutions tailored to the specific financial situations of those we work with.

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