Company History

United Receivables Group began in early 2013 as the enterprise and vision of President Angel Lopez, a well-decorated ex-Navy team leader. The ownership group numbers four, and these owners’ well-rounded professional expertise spans collections, sales, government, and education. Their breadth of knowledge guides the company through the obstacles presented by the collections industry, leading the company to thrive with their vast experience of business implementations.

The upper management team at United Receivables Group boasts over 20 years of 3rd party collections experience. Ownership, upper management, and frontline management believe in investing in all employees with introductory and ongoing training. As a result, many of our frontline managers have been promoted from within. Indeed, the majority of team managers at United Receivables Group have been with the company in one capacity or another since its beginning.

We believe in diversity at United Receivables Group and have a gender and racially diverse group of employees and management. Being minority-owned, we welcome hard, honest workers whatever their ethnicity or cultural background. Our philosophy is to employ the best so as to be the best.


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